Things You Didn’t Know About Online Poker


Poker is quite popular among people who play card games. Many poker players consider it the best card game because you get money when you win. Poker can also become an excellent source of income.


Sometimes it’s hard to find a great guide on playing this particular game well enough to maximize your chances of winning and minimize your losses. That’s why we’ve decided to make this article full of useful tips and advice for beginners about poker strategies, terms, types of hands, etc. Hopefully it’ll come in handy for everyone who wants to learn more about the way poker works and how they can get better at playing it.


Types of Poker Games

Depending on how many players are playing, there are different types of poker online indonesia available. The variations include:


– Draw Poker – a simple game known as 5-card draw where a player must have an initial hand of 5 cards to start the deal and then discards or replaces some of those cards after seeing new ones from the deck.


– Stud Poker – an advanced version of the previous one where each player gets dealt face down hole cards first, which they can share with other players at their table if they wish. Also called “stud hi/lo”, it’s a 2-8 player variant that offers two bets – ante and play – with the ante being discarded before playing begins.


– Community Card Poker – a version of draw poker where all players use the same shared deck of cards, so the order of their drawing is random. You can also have different betting phases during community card poker games, because each player’s hand could be different depending on how many are still in the game.

– Five Card Draw – a simpler version of draw poker that features only five cards rather than seven or more to start out with for all players.


– Texas Holdem Poker – perhaps one of the most popular types of video poker nowadays thanks to televised championships and other events that show off this variation. All players receive two hole cards before seeing five common ones, which everyone at the table uses.


Omaha Hold’em Poker is another significant variation where players get four hole cards to start with, which are then combined with three common cards.


Razz Poker is similar to Texas Holdem, but the highest card is the Ace instead of tens or better than most other poker games. Since there aren’t any low cards (below A), all players must take high hands only.


Crazy Pineapple Poker is an interesting variation where flushes do not count and two pair may be split up so that different players can win at once if they have unexpected combinations of 5s and 6s.


– Badugi Poker – a fast game that involves combining one card from your hand and four community cards into the best possible five-card hand.