Private Shooting Lessons

Private Shooting Lessons



These sessions are scheduled in one hour increments with a NRA certified firearms instructor. If you are a novice/beginning shooter, it is recommended that you participate in our private shooting lessons in order to gain familiarity and experience with your handgun. If you are experienced, and would prefer private training sessions in order to hone your skills, these sessions will benefit you as well. It is highly recommended that you undertake this training on a regular basis to maintain your skills.

You will learn shooting basics such as:

Left eye/right eye dominance

Proper shooting stance – Isosceles/Weaver/Modified Weaver

Proper grip

Sight picture

Sight alignment

Trigger squeeze

Breathing control

After learning the shooting basics, you may move on to additional areas of training such as:

Conducting a daily safety check on your handgun and ammunition

Safe handling of semi-automatic handgun malfunctions

Tactical magazine reloading

“Ready position” vs. “imminent threat”

One hand/opposite hand shooting

Other areas of training needed/desired as determined by the instructor/student



Registration information for a Private Shooting Lesson

This is a live fire exercise conducted at a local shooting range with an NRA certified firearms instructor. The cost of this training is $40.00 per hour (additional range fees apply). One-on-one training sessions are available in one hour increments.

Prerequisite – Completion of the Proactive Shooters’ Basic Firearms Safety class (or equivalent) or current Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit holder.


Registration Process

1) Register for a lesson by completing this form – Register for private shooting lesson

2) A Proactive Shooters’ staff member will contact you to set up a time and date for your private shooting lesson.

3) Once you have registered, return back to this page and pay for the lesson using the appropriate payment button shown below. You may choose either a one hour lesson, or two hour lesson. Since this is a private training session conducted by appointment, advance payment is required for this training. Once payment has been sent, simply meet the instructor at the appointment time and location.

Payment selections:

2 hour Private Shooting Lesson


1 hour Private Shooting Lesson

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