Basic Firearms Safety course


The Code of Virginia requires that an applicant for a Virginia Concealed Handgun permit demonstrates competence by taking a firearms safety class. This introductory level course satisfies that requirement.



Our Basic Firearms Safety course is a 5 hour classroom lecture. Virginia does not require a “live fire” demonstration in order to apply for a concealed handgun permit. The lecture style course is taught by one of our certified NRA firearms instructors and a student manual is provided. You will receive a certificate at the end of the class which will allow you to apply for your Virginia concealed handgun permit.


Juveniles (under age 18) are welcome in this class when accompanied by an adult registered student (parent or legal guardian). Please contact us for more details if you have a question about this.


The cost of this class is $69.00 and topics include:


  • – Revolver and Semi-Automatic handgun nomenclature

  • – Ammunition nomenclature and function

  • – The basic rules of firearms safety

  • – Safe storage options for firearms in the home

  • – Firearms and your children

  • – The causes of firearm related accidents

  • – Proper safe handling of semi-auto pistol malfunctions, and other topics


Please note: for those students interested in applying for a Florida non-resident carry permit:


Students wishing to use this Basic Firearms Safety course to apply for a Florida non-resident permit may do so to satisfy the classroom portion of training. Florida law requires that a student also demonstrate “safe handling and discharge of the firearm” under the observation of a firearms instructor. This requires an additional live fire training session and that is conducted by appointment only. Please contact us for further details.

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