Florida Concealed Weapon / Firearm License classes

Applicants interested in applying for a Florida Concealed Weapon / Firearm License must show proof of firearms safety training. This can be accomplished by completing either our Basic Firearms Safety class, or Utah Concealed Firearm Permit class, as both classes meet that requirement.

Additionally, Florida also requires a live fire demonstration. The instructor conducting the course noted above must additionally “observe the student safely handle and discharge the firearm”. This requirement may be found in the last paragraph on page 5 of the Florida CWP application, in the section on Florida law 790 (790.06).




We conduct this live fire demonstration at a local shooting range, and the cost for this live fire certification is $40.00 (per person) for the one hour session.

(Students may also take our NRA Basic Pistol Shooting class and use that certificate to apply for a Florida permit, as that course already includes live fire.)

Students who wish to complete this one hour, 50 round qualification course should have a basic familiarity with their handguns. Students will be asked to demonstrate a series of safe handling / handgun discharge techniques in order to qualify for the certification.


Registration process for Florida Certification:

1) Register for/complete one of our Basic Firearms Safety classes, or Utah Concealed Firearm Permit classes.

2) Once you have completed that class, contact us to register for the Florida live fire demonstration.  Once the Florida Live Fire registration has been received, a Proactive Shooters’ staff member will contact you to schedule the session.



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